Beacon Academy “Montessori’s Potential for Children and Adolescents.”

Paula gave an inspiring talk to parents and teachers about MONTESSORI’s POTENTIAL for children and adolescents.

Montessori School of Rochester REACHING FOR THE STARS GALA “Montessori’s Potential for Our Children”

Paula gave the keynote at this evening Gala event to reassure and inspire parents about their choice of a Montessori education for their children.

AMS -The Montessori Event Workshop “Where is Mindfulness in Montessori for Primary Teachers?”

It was fun to present to Primary teachers at the American Montessori Society conference in March 2023! Roughly 200 participants attended this session.

“How Does Montessori Empower Graduates?; An Alumni Panel with Head of Forest Bluff School Laura Earls”

Here eight Forest Bluff alumni ages 17 to 30 are interviewed with Head of School Laura Earls in January 2023.

AMI-USA The Montessori Experience - “How to Do What We Need to Do With Montessori Intact”

It was such an honor to share the stage with AMI Elementary trainer and longtime teacher, Phyllis Pottish Lewis, at the AMI/USA Refresher Course in 2023. Here is an audio recording of the section of our talk that I gave, recorded in a back row by an audience member. It’s fun to hear the audience’s reactions as I make a case for authenticity in our Montessori practices.

“Reaching for Montessori’s Potential: Staying Engaged and Inspired in Our Classrooms” interview with Greenspring Center for Lifelong Learning - January 2023

In this interview, Tamara Balis and I zero in on the importance for–and definition of–authentic Montessori practices and how to inspire teachers in their work with a weekly practice I describe in my book, The Montessori Potential. Find out what it is by listening here!

Paula Lillard Preschlack on The Montessori Potential


Gabrielle Kotkov of Multilingual Montessori explores how my family experiences growing up led me to Montessori education, some of the important features of Montessori’s language curriculum, and what my book, The Montessori Potential, has to offer. (November, 2022)

Montessori’s Answer to Education


Paula speaks to a private social club audience in her home town to explain what Montessori is and how it remedies the challenges in our world today. (December 2022)

Paula Lillard Preschlack talks about Adolescents and Montessori,

Paula Lillard Preschlack - Montessori Education

Jesse McCarthy’s Montessori Education podcast: Paula Lillard Preschlack talks about Adolescents and Montessori, April 2022


Paula Lillard Preschlack and Paula Polk Lillard: The Spirit in Montessori's Approach with Children

Paula at the Chicago Botanic Garden/Young Children & Nature

Paula talks to an audience of educators at the Chicago Botanic Garden about Helping Young Children Explore Nature

Preparing Children To Face Challenges

During the pandemic, Paula talks about preparing children to face challenges in life

Paula Interviews Montessori Graduates

Here, Paula interviews four adult Montessori graduates with parent questions and hears their reflections about their experiences in Montessori up through age 14

Children Need To Move: Fostering The Gifts of Purposeful Activity

Paula talks about how we can meet our children’s developmental needs for movement outside of school

Learning At Home With Montessori Principles in Mind

Here Paula explores how we can help children to continue their learning at home

Connecting With Nature

Paula talks about getting your children outside to connect with nature

Mindfulness and Montessori: Being With Our Children

Paula encourages parents to slow down and practice being mindful with their young children (13 minutes)

Forest Bluff Director's Presentation - Adaptability and Montessori

This excellent, almost 50 minute talk, is given by the AMI-trained teaching directors of Forest Bluff School, explaining how Montessori education perfectly fosters children’s adaptability from infancy through adolescence, with examples. Paula introduces her colleagues, but the content and delivery is given by Elisabeth Miles, Haley Tate, Maggie Kelly, Matt Robbins, Sarah Robbins, Abbey White, Kaiti Andersen, Melanie McEneely, Ann Marie Nedeau and Regina Sokolowski. The full credit belongs to these outstanding Montessori educators!

Your Child’s Healthy Language Development

Paula tells parents of very young children about healthy language development at home

Continuity In the Montessori Child’s Journey

Paula explains that the way Montessori takes children’s whole lives into account gives continuity to their journeys and helps parents to see their children clearly

A Talk for Galilee Montessori: What Does Montessori Elementary Education Do?

This recording for parents explains the reasons to keep their children in Montessori beyond the early years, into elementary programs

Observation To Support Young Children

Observation is the foundation of Montessori’s educational approach. Paula explores the topic and gives suggestions

Nurturing Your Child’s Affinity for Concentration

Paula describes how to set up a home environment to help children develop their abilities to concentrate to prepare them for life

Language And Culture: A Glimpse Inside Our Children

In this (15 minute) talk, Paula explores how children acquire language and culture from their families and the world

Your Child's Sensitive Period For Language

Paula explains the importance of the sensitive period for children’s language development and how to support them at home