Screenshot 2023-05-10 at 09-19-59 There's Hope for Humanity! Montessori Around the Globe

When you ingest the popular news these days, you may feel very down, anxious, angry or helpless. I know I certainly do. But when I turn to see the natural world around me, the beautiful people, and especially children, I am instantly reminded of the good in the world. Maria Montessori’s vision of children’s education–and the more peaceful world she proposed would result–always inspires me and gives me strength. Lately, I have learned of some very exciting initiatives happening all around the world because of Maria Montessori! These programs are being enthusiastically embraced and are growing steadily. Any involvement with Montessori–even if it be just mentioning it to others, raising your children with a Montessori approach at home, or sending your children to a Montessori school–includes you in this path of making the world a better place!