Invite Paula Lillard Preschlack to speak at your school, conference, bookstore or event!


Paula’s talks help to unify parents around a school’s mission, galvanize your staff, and give clarity to Montessori goals. Whether it be starting a new program for infants or adolescents, convincing parents of the value of an elementary program, or explaining what makes Montessori unique, timely and superior to what else is out there, Paula can lead the conversation with compassion, confidence and clear language. Get inspired about Montessori’s potential!

Rates are subject to change.

  • $1,500.00 for a talk at a school, plus travel expenses
  • $2,500.00 for a talk at a conference, plus travel expenses
  • $1,000.00 for a local school talk (see note below)
  • $1,000.00 for a presentation done virtually/via Zoom
  • $750.00 for a 90 minute teacher workshop
  • $500.00 for a virtual book discussion

    Presentation time prices reflect 60-90 minute events 

Note: You may be eligible for the “local” rate if I am already in your area for another event or for personal travel, so please ask to be put on our list so we might accommodate you!



March 2023

March 2: Marin, California: Marin Montessori School-Virtual Event “What is Montessori’s Potential for My Child?”

March 3: Interview/Talk about “The Montessori Potential” with AERA- American Educational Research Association

March 14: Ukraine:Virtual Montessori UA “Finding Solace in Montessori”

March 16: Boston, MA: Cambridge Montessori School Presentation and Book Signing "The Montessori Potential for Our Children"

March 16-19: Boston, MA: The AMS Montessori Event Conference, Workshop: “Where is Mindfulness in Montessori for Primary Teachers?” REGISTER HERE

April 2023

Apr. 14-16: Amsterdam, The Netherlands: AMI Global Meeting

APR 28: Lake Forest, IL, Gorton Community Center: Book Signing with Lake Forest Book Store 5-7 pm Presentation on The Montessori Potential at 6 pm. All are welcome to attend! Please RSVP HERE

May 2023

MAY 2: Forest Bluff School: Evening Book Discussion on The Montessori Potential, for FBS parents

MAY 4: Forest Bluff School: Morning Book Discussion on The Montessori Potential, for FBS parents

MAY 10: Santa Fe, New Mexico: Journey Montessori School -Teacher Book Discussion & Parent Presentation “Montessori's Potential for My Child”

MAY 18: Evanston, IL: Beacon Academy “Montessori’s Potential for Children and Adolescents.”

June 2023

July 2023

August 2023

September 2023

SEPT 13: California: Casa Di Mir “The Montessori Potential For Our Children”   

SEPT 19: Traverse City: Michigan: Montessori Children’s House Grand Traverse  “The Montessori Potential For Our Children”

October 2023

OCT 3: Lake Bluff, IL: Forest Bluff School - “How Does Montessori Help Children Reach Their Potential”

OCT 5: Madison, WI: Madison Community Montessori School- Parent Presentation "Montessori's Potential for Our Children"

OCT 6: Madison, WI: Madison Community Montessori School- Teacher Workshop

OCT 24: Louisville, KY: Montessori School of Louisville “What is Montessori's Potential for Our Children?

November 2023

NOV 6: Austin: TX: Austin Montessori School Teacher Workshop

NOV 7: Austin: TX: Austin Montessori School- Parent Presentation “The Montessori Potential For Our Children”

NOV 8: Houston, TX: Pines Montessori School “The Supportive Home Environment”

NOV 9: Houston, TX: Montessori Country Day- Parent Presentation “Montessori’s Potential for Children”  -

NOV 10: Houston, TX: Montessori Country Day- Teacher Workshop

December 2023