The Montessori Education PODCAST with Jesse McCarthy: NEW MONTESSORI RESEARCH:  Angeline Lillard and Justus Randolph, two research professors who recently found some impressive results for children in Montessori school vs traditional school.

Many Montessori alumni have positive things to say about their experiences, later in their lives as adults. See some remarks here!

Here, Paula and two teachers at Forest Bluff School describe in great detail the Secondary Level Program at Forest Bluff School in 2020/2021. Adolescent programs are truly, “the icing on the cake” of a good Montessori school!

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Comparing Montessori to Conventional Schooling

This is a brilliant way to look at how Montessori meets children’s needs where most schools don’t. It’s lighthearted, engaging, and very effective. Pretty much sums it up! I love this.

Stephen Hughes

These two talks, part I and II, give a clear analysis of why Montessori education works, by this respected psychologist and Montessori fan. Thank you, Stephen Hughes, for another great contribution to the Montessori world!

You Might Be a Montessorian

Second grade teacher Katy Wright talks about discovering Montessori when she chose it for her young son. She wonders why she never heard about Montessori in her own teacher training. She admires many aspects of Montessori and when she later took the training to become a Montessori teacher, she realized, “This solves all of our problems in education.” Passionate and clear.

How to Expand Your Baby’s Potential with Education From Birth

Zahra Kassam, founder of MontiKids, shares her AMI knowledge of how infants learn with support from Montessori environments. Zahra’s a great speaker and this is such an important and timely topic!

Looking to Montessori to Guide Education Reform Primary Montessori teacher, Anna Lee, gives a compelling case for Montessori education with personal stories. She is a moving speaker.

Montessori Education

Dr. Angeline Lillard, professor at the University of Virginia, explains her research interest in Montessori education. She gives a great introduction for the compelling ways that this form of education is supported by research in fields of education and psychology. This will make any parent, university student, educator or psychologist more curious to find out more!

Montessori: The Science — Part 1: Introduction to Montessori Education

Dr. Angeline Lillard gives an excellent presentation based on her book, Montessori: the Science Behind the Genius. She explains her initial skepticism about Montessori and her gradual discovery of the strengths of this form of education. This is an excellent, engaging talk.

Montessori: The Science – Part II:

Montessori Education This is the second half of the above talk based on her book, Montessori: The Science Behind the Genius. Dr. Lillard has given this talk all around the world between 2006 and roughly 2010. It is a fascinating presentation!