A good place for parents to start:

1 - Shunned and Admired: Montessori, Self-Determination, and a Case for Radical School Reform

I highly recommend this article from renowned researcher, my sister Angeline Lillard. It sums of much of what we all need to know about Montessori!

2 - Montessori, A Modern Approach

This is my favorite book to learn about Montessori education, written by my mother, Paula Polk Lillard, when I was an infant. It remains a worldwide classic, published in many languages and available as an audio book, as well.

3- Montessori Speaks to Parents

For parents who want to read one of Maria Montessori’s book, this is the one I recommend first. It is short and has beautiful color photographs. She wrote it for you!

By Paula:

-Find over 55 blog articles written for parents on the Forest Bluff School website, on almost any topic you can think of! The ones specifically written by me are housed on the My Writing page of this website, as well.

Two articles:

Parents, Let’s Get Out of the Way!

A reflection on why parents often need to step back to help their children’s development.

Parenting Mindfully

The way to slow ourselves down and be in the moment with your children, even when its hard.

A video presentation:

Understanding Montessori’s Framework in a Nutshell

This is the first in a series of talks that explain Montessori’s framework so that parents and educators can find a clear way to understand and explain it.