Recorded Presentations

The Montessori Potential for Our Children, Paula Lillard Preschlack

Paula speaks to parents at the Montessori Academy of New Jersey in March, 2024. She tailors this original presentation to each audience.

One Classroom at a Time: How to Handle the Initial Challenges When Starting a School, a Class, or a New Year

This was a live talk with Lucie Tamasova where my mother and I shared our thoughts on the challenges of starting out. The international audience was so enthusiastic in their remarks in the chat! One wrote, “This is life changing” and another wrote, “This is amazing!” It was such an honor for us to get to do this live talk together with Lucie.

MSCA's Annual Webinar with Paula Lillard Preschlack

On Maria’s birthday, I said a few things about her as a person and the gifts she gave to us for helping children. Then, I showed what these gifts are and how they directly foster traits in our children that they absolutely need to face the future-all around the world and in any time or place.

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Faith @ Work with Paula Lillard Preschlack

Here, Paula is interviewed in a series at the Church of the Holy Spirit in Lake Forest, IL, called, “Faith@Work”. She talks about her own faith growing up as a Christian, and about her thoughts on Montessori education.

“Finding Solace in Montessori” with Montessori UA

It was an honor to talk with Ukrainian Montessori educators in March, 2023 on "Finding Solace in Montessori.” This talk is in English and translated into Ukrainian by host Anna Volokova, who does an INCREDIBLE job of spreading Montessori in Ukraine and helping teachers and their students during these challenging months. To support their efforts, please see:

Live Book Launch Event with The Childhood Potential

It was such a special gift to have Lucie Tamasova of Childhood Potential host me on the day that THE MONTESSORI POTENTIAL was released, February 7, 2023! We had participants call in from 29 countries and five continents! What a joyful conversation. Enjoy!

6th Annual Montessori Foundation IMC Conference - Keynote Presentation: “Where is Mindfulness in Montessori”

I am grateful for this invitation from the International Montessori Council to explore the topic of mindfulness. I found many examples to share from years in the classroom and as a head of school. It was a pleasure to give serenity and inspiration to educators for their work back in their Montessori schools.

Maitri Learning Interview #1

I loved talking with Julia Volkman about parts of The Montessori Potential, from laughing together to more serious dives into topics that concern us all in the Montessori world. This was super fun and also a deep conversation!

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Maitri Learning Interview #2

I loved talking with Julia Volkman at Maitri Learning about parts of The Montessori Potential, from laughing together to more serious dives into topics that concern us all in the Montessori world. This was super fun and also a deep conversation!

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Who is ‘The Montessori Potential, How to Foster Independence, Respect and Joy in Every Child’ written for?

In this interview for the Virginia Montessori Association in September, 2022, my good friend Jihane Mrad asks me how my forthcoming book will help parents, educators, policy makers and citizens concerned about education.

What is Montessori’s Potential for My Child?

Sylvia Arotin of Guide & Grow Montessori (Australia) asks me questions about my book, The Montessori Potential, in November, 2022.

What Is Montessori’s Education?

Pooja A S of Global Goodwill Ambassador Foundation (GGAF) asks me to explain how Montessori education differs from conventional and progressive schools. Is this the best option for children in the modern world? (December 2022)

Starting an Adolescent Montessori Program

Paula spoke at West Suburban Montessori School about starting their Adolescent Montessori program, April 28, 2022

Understanding Montessori's Framework In a Nutshell

Montessori's paradigm: The children form themselves.

This is a free talk to kick off a series of 5 for Childhood Potential.

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Resources for Montessori Homeschooling and Remote Learning

Resources for Montessori Homeschooling and Remote Learning webinar with AMI/USA administrators on June 17, 2020:

Here, Paula shares how Forest Bluff School designed their on-line presentations for children ages 18 months to 14 years old during school shut downs. This talk, hosted by AMI/USA, was given to Montessori administrators. Many of the ideas translated here came from colleagues and other Montessori schools we communicated with around the country.

Explaining Montessori’s Urgent Relevance, Where Theory Matches Reality

A presentation by Paula Lillard Preschlack, for the Virginia Montessori Association’s virtual conference, 2021

Building Parent Relationships and Connecting Them To Your Mission

Webinar with Nido Marketing. Check out more of my presentations and talks on my Soundcloud!

Building a Foundation for Life

This was a presentation Paula gave to the NAMTA Adolescent Orientation trainees at Beacon Academy the summer of 2018, describing the characteristics and needs of children under age three.


What Makes Montessori Unique and Timely?

Paula gave this presentation at Marin Montessori School to an audience of teachers and parents in 2016.