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For teachers and Heads of Schools, start with these resources:

It’s For Life: Montessori’s Vision of Peace Through Education


Adolescents Need Challenge


Explaining Montessori’s Urgent Relevance: Where Theory Matches Reality

The Spirit in Montessori’s Approach with Children:

A Storycorps conversation with Paula Polk Lillard

Paula Lillard Preschlack and Paula Polk Lillard: The Spirit in Montessori's Approach with Children

Parents and educators will enjoy the recorded talks on my audio page and the videos on the video page! Please also see the resources of Youtube videos about Montessori education from the resources page.


I send these updated Newsletters out for educators once a season. This is a great way to be inspired and find events, research and great books relating to Montessori!

Issue #1 Spring 2019

Issue #2 Fall 2019

Issue #3 Winter 2020

Issue #4 Fall 2021

Issue #5 Winter 2022