An Education that Matches Children’s Development

Paula Lillard Preschlack - girls doing a Montessori activity.

September 2018 by Paula Lillard Preschlack Developmentally, children pass through distinct phases as they age, which are universal across time and place. These phases, or planes, are the basis for Maria Montessori’s approach to education, which caters to the specific needs and characteristics of each plane.

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Talking to Children About Money

Paula Lillard Preschlack - a white piggy bank and coins on a table.

August 2019 by Paula Lillard Preschlack Talking about money can be uncomfortable for some families. Maria Montessori believed that this topic should be studied like all others. Here, Paula offers suggestions for talking to children of all ages about money.

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Our Living Land Laboratory

Paula Lillard Preschlack - Lake Bluff Montessori School sign.

August 2018 by Paula Lillard Preschlack A small prairie can teach children learn about land stewardship and the interconnectedness of the natural world.

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Lose Those “Summertime Blues!”

Paula Lillard Preschlack - parent and child having fun on the beach.

July 2018 by Paula Lillard Preschlack Summer can actually be a stressful time for busy parents. Paula offers practical suggestions to help parents avoid the summertime blues.

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