Parents, Take Charge! August 7, 2022

 “Jerry, it’s time to get out of the pool. Time to go now, please.” A father stands at the edge of a hotel pool in summer, clearly exhausted, as his wife walks past him carrying a crying baby girl, a floaty, a diaper bag, and two huge towels. “NO!” The boy in the pool, who…

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Returning to Our Montessori Values After Two Years of Screens

We are more grateful than ever for the technology in our lives! During the pandemic, being physically separated from one another was painful, especially for our children who crave social interaction. Out of necessity, we learned inventive ways that computers, iPhones and iPads could connect us–to one another and to information about the world.

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Have Faith in the Children

December 2021 By Paula Lillard Preschlack Maria Montessori often asked us to have faith in the children. What did she mean by this, and how and why can parents do this? It makes all the difference.

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Getting Your Children to Read at Home: Building a Family Culture

Paula Lillard Preschlack - books on a wooden background.

November 2019 by Paula Lillard Preschlack Reading to our children and creating a culture of reading is increasingly important to their success in academia and in life. Here Paula makes suggestions on choosing reading content for children and give ideas to make your home more welcoming to reading and family time.

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The Montessori Young Children’s Community

Paula Lillard Preschlack - young girl pouring water.

August 2019 by Paula Lillard Preschlack Take a peek inside the Montessori Young Children’s Community and see how this classroom provides children as young as 18 months with an environment and activities that meet their developmental needs.

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