Montessori Sensorial Materials, Part II December 16, 2022

Imagine you are watching a four-year-old boy carry a wooden box with a red lid to a table. Then, he goes back to the shelf of Sensorial Materials and brings over a matching box—this one with a blue lid. (These are called the Sound Cylinders. Each is filled with about one ounce of grains of…

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Parents, Take Charge! August 7, 2022

 “Jerry, it’s time to get out of the pool. Time to go now, please.” A father stands at the edge of a hotel pool in summer, clearly exhausted, as his wife walks past him carrying a crying baby girl, a floaty, a diaper bag, and two huge towels. “NO!” The boy in the pool, who…

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Let’s Play! Montessori’s Playful Nature

As a parent, you may hear Montessori teachers describe your children’s activities as “work.” Your child may use the word, too, saying, “I love my work,” or, “I did a lot of work today!” But then you may wonder, “Why does my child go skipping in there every day?” and, “Why is my child dying…

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An Education that Matches Children’s Development

Paula Lillard Preschlack - girls doing a Montessori activity.

September 2018 by Paula Lillard Preschlack Developmentally, children pass through distinct phases as they age, which are universal across time and place. These phases, or planes, are the basis for Maria Montessori’s approach to education, which caters to the specific needs and characteristics of each plane.

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The Montessori Young Children’s Community

Paula Lillard Preschlack - young girl pouring water.

August 2019 by Paula Lillard Preschlack Take a peek inside the Montessori Young Children’s Community and see how this classroom provides children as young as 18 months with an environment and activities that meet their developmental needs.

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The First Months: Developing an Outlook for Life

Paula Lillard Preschlack - mother and child together.

March 2019 by Paula Lillard Preschlack New parents can find practical considerations to give newborn children the freedom to move and explore, including suggestions for the arrangement of the nursery, mobiles, and other developmentally appropriate toys for infants.

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Fostering Your Child’s Imagination: Fantasy vs. Reality

Paula Lillard Preschlack - infant materials and toys.

December 2018 by Paula Lillard Preschlack Dr. Montessori observed that when young children move their bodies, explore, and interact with the real world, these sensory experiences foster imagination. Fantasy, on the other hand, can be overemphasized and confusing for very young children. Maria Montessori articulates the distinctions between reality, the imagination, and fantasy.

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