The Montessori Potential!

The Montessori Potential is written primarily for parents to understand what Montessori is, why and how it works. But the ultimate goal is to give our parent audience so much confidence and inspiration, that they hand copies to their local policy makers, public school administrators and community members to raise awareness of this outstanding educational approach. As Montessori teachers know, our work with children is not just impressive academically; it’s more about a way of life and how we treat and support children in their growth. It is about building character and a can-do attitude in the next generation to make the world a better place.

This book shows the full spectrum of Montessori; it is what we have all been wanting to say!

To write this book, I spent more than 25 years listening to Montessori teachers, administrators, public sector educators, parents and alumni tell their stories. I watched children’s responses and behaviors in my own classrooms and in my colleague’s classrooms for ages one through adolescence. I watched children growing up in our community’s homes, mine included. I read every book on Montessori–and by her–that I could get my hands on. I learned what language turns skeptics off and what turns them on.

The Montessori Potential is our conversation starter.

Together, we will use this book as a launching pad for our work:

Let’s tell the world about The Potential in authentic Montessori!

Publisher: Parenting Press at Chicago Review Press

Release date: February 7, 2023

Invite Paula to speak in your community on a book tour, and look for more resources coming your way!

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Photo credit: Rodel Querubin

“If you want your children to have a happy, harmonious education and grow into adults who are able to face whatever challenges are in store for them, I highly recommend this insightful book. Paula Lillard Preschlack, an experienced Montessori teacher, head of school, and speaker, explains in great detail what the authentic Montessori approach to education is and how it should be implemented. Even Montessori teachers may discover new perceptions. You will be surprised to learn how fresh, original, and innovative Montessori is.” -Carolina Montessori, great-granddaughter of Maria Montessori and Montessori archivist, author, and historian.

“This is the most comprehensive book I have read that illustrates the history of, framework for, and power of the Montessori approach. Preschlack’s writing has helped me understand, and in turn articulate, why every child deserves a Montessori education!”-Nora Flood, education lead at Wend Collective

In her passionate and beautifully written new book, Paula Lillard Preschlack explores not only the potential of the Montessori approach but also the potential of children to grow into fully engaged and joyous learners. In a time when we see children as fragile and in constant need of our anxious supervision, Preschlack sees them as independent, adaptable, and resilient. Educators and parents and politicians need to read The Montessori Potential to remind themselves of what children can do if we create learning environments for them that unlock their strengths.” -Michael G. Thompson, PhD, coauthor of Raising Cain and The Pressured Child and author of Homesick and Happy and Speaking of Boys.